Two trains, 200 miles apart, are heading towards each other. Both trains are going at a speed of 100 miles per hour. A little bee starts flying from one train towards the other. The bee is flying at an amazing speed of 150 miles per hour! When the bee reaches the other train, it turns around and flies back to the first train. It keeps going back and forth between the two trains until they crash into each other! Thankfully, the people on the trains and the little bee are unharmed.

In total, how far did the little bee fly between the two trains before they crashed?

Reveal solution

Finding the solution to this puzzle is simpler than it first appears. Since the trains are both travelling 100 miles per hour towards each other, their relative speed is 200 miles per hour. It will therefore take one hour to cover the 200 mile distance between them. During this one hour, the little bee will have travelled 150 miles.